Gallipoli’d out already

Dunno about you, but they’ve got me wishing already that it was about say, the 28th of April, and it was all over — for another year — maybe 100 years…

It seems to have got that way that there’s a new “nostalgic” bit about our troops at war on TV every night — and the promise of replays of whole series.     As if nostalgia of that kind is something to welcome.

I’m immediately reminded of the One Day of the Year days when student newspaper Honi Soit ran an article critical of those who appeared to wallow in Anzac Day “celebrations” .

I think all of us can appreciate what a shitawful thing it was and is to send young kids out to die for the failure of politics.   After all, that’s what war is all about, political failure, and sending out kids to kill and be killed.   And we should never forget what that means as an action taken in our names, or who it was we sent.

However, when it comes to having one community setting up cute recreations of all the action complete with trenches, machine guns, and similar “authentic details” (except for blood, mud, death, open wounds, stench and scattered human parts some of which came from your mates),  I was pretty sure I’d had more than enough.  A sanitized Gallipoli-as-a-Game or Gallipoli-Gone-Disney I could do without.

But then some benighted poor soul offers the promo line that their genuine display has “organic trenches”.  That’s when you know it’s gone silly.     Just bloody silly.

Can we just stop, pause a moment, wait till the 25th,  remember, and start to understand this is not some religious circus, and not some kind of made-up variation on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Halloween?


About petermaus

Former journalist, political and current affairs reporter/producer. Former media adviser to ALP and later Senior Adviser to Federal Minister. More recently, 20 years as technical writer in the computer industry, so entitled to claim to have demonstrated evidence of true penitence.
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