Letter to Stephen Cooper, wind farm syndrome pollster

Dear Mr Cooper:
I’m wondering if you can include me and my family in your ongoing study of sickening noises which you say you can detect near wind farms. I’m not near a wind farm, but it’s something similar.
I live near a wave farm on the coast, and frequently get feelings of pressure in the head, eyes, throat and chest, headaches and a pulsing in my ears.
These feelings seem to come whether they’ve got the turbines in the wave farm turned on or not. There’s this low frequency noise all the time that comes in stops and starts. It gets worse and more frequent when the wind blows at high tide, and I would think it’s just like what those families near wind farms hear. It’s a rushing, wooshing, watery kind of noise, but sometimes it rises to a roar, particularly when I walk down to the beach.
At times when I get on a boat and go out to sea, it’s a different sound, but the feelings get worse and I start to feel bad nausea and even get fits of violent vomiting.
And it’s even worse after I’ve been into town to the pub and had a few drinks with my friends, although on these occasions I really don’t feel the effects all that much until I start to hear the low frequency noises again in the morning. That’s when my head really hurts.
Someone should do something about this and help us out here. Perhaps you can include us in your study and that might help get your sample size up a bit — particularly if the dog hasn’t run off again.

Yours sincerely,


About petermaus

Former journalist, political and current affairs reporter/producer. Former media adviser to ALP and later Senior Adviser to Federal Minister. More recently, 20 years as technical writer in the computer industry, so entitled to claim to have demonstrated evidence of true penitence.
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