Triumphs of Intelligent Design — NOT

Who else but a great idiot designer….

  1. Would design a birth canal that causes trauma to all concerned at such a crucial time, having earlier convinced us it was the source of the greatest joy ?
  2. Would set up the human appendix to only add to the trauma later, irrespective of gender?
  3. Would make eyes one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body, while requiring us to see everything upside down, back to front, and right to left, with retinal vision cells facing the wrong way, and then have to find a way for the brain to fix some of that up, while ignoring the need for proper built-in sunglasses?
  4. Would leave muffs or ear plugs off the standard design of ears while allowing modern music?
  5. Would give us millions of African AIDS victims and a host of people like George Pell ?
  6. Would leave millions of us with white skin when it was clear that there was going to be surf, sunburn and skin cancer?
  7. Would make scrotums so vulnerable but still let us play cricket ?
  8. Would make it impossible to scratch your own back properly, or for dogs to scratch their chests when they can easily lick their private parts?
  9. Would neglect our need to lick our private parts?
  10. Would skip over “minor” details like the Earth’s orbit fluctuations and wobble, the need for leap years and days, and daylight saving?
  11. Would make it almost impossible for either faithful or pagans to work out when Easter occurs this or any other year?
  12. Would permit any development that even looks like a bagpipe, let alone sounds like one?
  13. Would leave a list like this published, if unfinished …..?

About petermaus

Former journalist, political and current affairs reporter/producer. Former media adviser to ALP and later Senior Adviser to Federal Minister. More recently, 20 years as technical writer in the computer industry, so entitled to claim to have demonstrated evidence of true penitence.
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