The whys and wherefores….

Why “View from the Headland” ?


About petermaus

Former journalist, political and current affairs reporter/producer. Former media adviser to ALP and later Senior Adviser to Federal Minister. More recently, 20 years as technical writer in the computer industry, so entitled to claim to have demonstrated evidence of true penitence.
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One Response to The whys and wherefores….

  1. The Author says:

    The View from the Headland is intended as an area for comment on recent or current social and political events, often in retrospect — that is, with 20/20 hindsight (or, to put it another way, with the benefit of real experience).

    In particular, the idea is to reexamine some of the assumptions and even the facts underlying relatively recent events and reports on them. In some cases, it is intended as a place to collect grand predictions and sweeping statements which may or may not withstand the test of time, and to point out where they did or didn’t meet that test.

    Quotes and predictions from economists and politicians are particularly welcome, but so too are grand statements by the gurus of the media.

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